Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wrapping up July...

I've decided that I need to be a little better at posting some blogs on my page. Even though my sisters basically cover the family portion of my life I figure I can still have my input and then add a few points of interest along the way.

Well, as of last night I am officially finished with Stats for the rest of my college career and could not be happier about it. I took my final in about 25 minutes and in this case it was a good thing. Then I had a relaxing night seeing the movie Transformers. If you walk into it thinking it will be ridiculous, you'll like it.

Last weekend I took my first trip to Lava Hot Springs and didn't even go to the hot pots, but I did manage to accompany Ben and his siblings down the river in tubes. Don't worry I was warned that I should lean back and stay to the left on a certain waterfall so that I didn't fall out of my tube and land myself on the rocks and of course the second time around I managed to completely submerge myself only to surface and find Ben laughing along with his parents who watched from afar. I'm pretty sure I made quite the impression on the Heiner family...they now know that I am an odd duck.

So one of my life goals was to be able to run the Deseret News 10k...and run the whole thing. I finally accomplished this goal and thanks to Rach, I even have a few pictures to show for it. My time was 48:12, which I was fairly happy with even though I had to stop and tie my shoe AND I got a little too friendly with a parking cone.

Reb thinks I look like I'm going to die in these pictures...but by this point I was so happy to see the finish line, I didn't care what I looked like :)

This is Vic, Beck and I after the race...Beck made sure that no one was touching her...thus why we all look like we don't want to be close to one another.

Those were some the exciting events that happened in July and now entering August I will be ending a school semester and beginning another one...never a dull moment around here.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Business School

Today I got a letter from the David Eccles School of Business accepting me into the Accounting program! Woohoo for that! So, now I just have to go to a meet and greet so I can be coded into my major. That's a load off my back...