Monday, September 21, 2009

Tis the Season...

Tis the Season for Utah Football! (yeah, I know I'm a little late at posting since we're headed into our 4th game). But I feel that I should share the struggles I had to go through to get my season tickets and how the team better start pulling it together or my trouble to get my tickets will be in vain.
The Wednesday before our season opener, I decided I should pick up Mr. Army and my tickets so that I would actually be able to go to the Thursday game. Therefore, I left my house early and headed to the U before work. Little did I realize, there is construction EVERYWHERE on campus and it took me about 20 minutes longer than anticipated, just to get to the Alumni House.
Once I get there, I'm feeling rushed; so, I quickly gather all the necessary items to pick up my tickets and jump out of the car. As soon as I stand up, my skirt decides not to join. Down the skirt goes right to my ankles. I was so focused on getting to work on time that I just picked up the skirt and held it up while still walking. I'm pretty sure that whoever saw this happen will be telling their friends for a while because, to them, it didn't even seem to phase me. It fell, I picked it up, I continued on my way...all in one swift motion.
For any of you that have known me for sometime, you know this is not the first time that my skirt has fallen off in public. I guess this is now my trademark...sad, but kind of hilarious.
Well, I got my tickets, made it work on time and then to the game. Unfortunately, the student ID reader said I wasn't a student and so I had to pay $10 even after paying all my MUSS fees. Lame...
My boys better make it up to me. I dropped my skirt to see them play. Now that is dedication!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Sweetness of Baby C!

I had the opportunity of doing a "little" photoshoot for my niece Baby C while mom and dad took big sister out to a movie.

Within in the two hours they were gone, I soon discovered that this baby LOVES having her picture taken, which worked out well for me. She is one of most photogenic babies I have ever seen and she loved the flash of the camera. This resulted in a few hundred pictures (of which I will put on the photo blog soon). For now, enjoy these ones.

I just can't get enough of her! so cute!
Thanks B & A for letting me take some fun pictures!