Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Utah Football and Beta Alpha Psi

So it has started, the thing I have waited about 10 months for...Utah football. Granted we have already lost 3 players to injuries and have had our egos destroyed in the first two games, but ya know what? It is all okay because Ben and I are residing on the 2nd row for the entire season and don't worry I have a picture to show you how cute we look rockin' the 2nd row.

(aren't we all excited that the stache is gone? Oh don't worry, now we have a mohawk...I'm sure I'll get a picture of that as well)

Anyways, hopefully this week the team can at least not look like complete idiots against UCLA, but we can make no guarantees.

This semester I decided to join the Accounting club Beta Alpha Psi to get exposure to many of the firms and do some schmoozing with the big wigs at other firms...just to keep options open. I truly have no intention of leaving Wasatch if they will keep me around, but you can never be too sure and thus I am ready for whatever comes my way. Beta Alpha Psi has already taught me a lot about what my degree can offer me with the sort of jobs that are available, so if not for anything else, I know what is possible for me.