Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Few Lessons Learned From the Big Apple...

For Emily's 18th birthday all she wanted to do was go to New York. How I became apart of the traveling party I am unsure, but I was there and I learned a few things while there...
Background: Emily, Stacey, and I ventured to NYC just for the weekend and stayed with Tom and Louise Plummer along with their dog Alice. They are quite a funny family and they had no idea who I was, but it was fun nonetheless!
NYC: The school of life lessons...
*As long as you're "trying" not to have that starbucks coffee, it is perfectly acceptable to hold a valid temple recommend.*DISCLAIMER: It is hot chocolate...sheesh!*

*Uncle Tom tends to wear the same outfit two days in a row, even at 1am.

*Best place to get cheap designer apparel and accessories are in basements or vans; these make good dressing rooms as well.
*Never let Stacey shop alone...she has a tendancy to over spend, on the same thing. Three purses for oneself in one trip gets a little excessive.

*If you're looking for a political tour of NYC sign up for the grey bus. You pay $44 for a rain poncho and a middle aged cynical tour guide that has dated successful women who obviously kicked him to the curb when he couldn't keep his views to himself.

*You know you're not in Utah anymore when you are the only three people on the tour to get even a little excited about the temple.

*After 44 hours of being awake, the train is an acceptable place to sleep.
*The subway at midnight is a scary place...if there are police with bullet proof vests, walk in the other direction. *Looking for the best frozen hot chocolate you'll ever have? Wait in line for an hour and a half and pay $8.50 for the experience.*Taking pictures in front of Central Park after shopping on Canal Street makes it look like you are on a humanitarian project to clean up the litter in the park.
*Always buy Empire State Building tickets in advance, you'll feel like a celebrity.*The closest you will come to Alice is her best friend...the flying pig statue*Stacey has no sense of direction...Kati and Emily never seem to remember this until we are three aves in the wrong direction
*Tom and Louise still operate on Mountain Standard Time, well at least their sleeping habits reflect this.

*Apparently Les Miserables is a tear jerker for teeny boopers.
*New Yorkers cannot control their umbrellas. It is your job to keep your face and limbs out of their way.

*Taking a taxi to the airport does not guarantee that you will be dropped off at your terminal.

*If you want a real show, walk the streets of New York at night the weekend before Halloween. You will be amazed.

*Upper Manhattan, one of the only places I know that people keep their house doors unlocked and bar up their cars.

*And finally...the toilet handle must be pushed up.
-All other pictures are posted on my picture page if you would like to see them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out of nowhere...

I felt inspired by Rach's post about how she only checks other people's wishing they would update and never really checks her own...I'm a big offender of this and thought I would do my part to give an update, and even a couple of pictures!

Well, I've decided that when you are a newly single girl...once guys find out about it, they just come out of the woodwork, honestly. This, or people feel so bad for you that they invite you to random outings that you normally would not be included in. Either way I haven't had a moment to myself for a few days and at this point I'm okay to keep it that way, at least for awhile.
The reason I bring this up is I had quite the eventful weekend with many encounters with new people as well as a few blasts from the past. Friday night I hungout with a few people from work and their friends. Surprisingly it wasn't awkward at all and I got to meet new people, which was fun and I even hungout with them again last night. Saturday was when my adventure really started. It was Katrina Thurnau's wedding and since I had to RSVP weeks in advance I could not bail (even though it was snowing and it was supposed to be outside). So, Katy Roberts, whom I haven't seen in about a year, ventured to this very foreign wedding where we knew no one. The ceremony was very nice, but after we kept thinking that we should just leave because we didn't know anyone, until Kerrie Simmonds called and said her and the baby were in the parking lot and hoped that we were there. It was fun to catch up with them. And here are a few pictures from the wedding.

During the wedding I got a text message from a boy saying that him and a few friends were hanging out and I should come. I thought, why not...I have nothing better to do. So I meet up with them and it turned out to be really fun. There are some pretty funny people in this world. So the best part of this story, Sunday...I am explaining to Emily how a certain someone emailed me to apologize for the past and was really sorry about the way things ended. Well, no sooner do I finish telling the story do I get a text message from that person asking if we can "meet up" because he wants to "catch up with an old friend." Umm...why in the world would he come back now? Is it because I'm single, or because he is no longer getting married, maybe both.

Moral of the story...guys can't bare to see girls that are single and so they must try and keep them company, right? ...yes I know that isn't their motive.

*Disclaimer: If you would like to learn more about the people mentioned in this blog, please see Kati for further details.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Living in the world of numbers...permanently.

So we all know that I seem to have had some pretty crappy luck as of late and I was feeling as though I just couldn't catch a break...with anything. This I will not plunge into too deeply, I will focus more on what has given me some sort of light in my life :)

I was sitting in a somewhat lengthy Accounting team meeting, listening to Mike explain his extensive week, thinking about how unexciting mine my plan was compared to all the important things he had listed, when he turned to me and said "Kati, are you still interested in working for Accounting full time." My heart started to speed up as my eyes got wide and I stutter "Y-y-yes." After I regrouped alittle I found out that I will be switching to the accounting department full time within the next few weeks. No details have really been figured out, but I assume this is my boost in some confidence that has been needed over the last few weeks.

Not as exciting as the "crappy" weekend my sisters had, but at least its an update, and a positive one at that!