Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things You May Not Know About Me...

I've been tagged by ms. Erika...and I think I'll actually honor it. So, I'm supposed to tell 6 facts about myself. I think I am going to go for some random ones, and things that you may not know. Knowing the things that I believe I have chosen, people are probably like "that was a no brainer" but here we go!

1. Guilty Pleasure - Sugar Cereal

Give me one or maybe even two bowls of cereal such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I am set to go. I love cereal and seem to crave any cereal that states it has over 10g of sugar in it. I have to limit myself to basically NO cereal at all to control my obsession with the sugar. I hear that Cinnamon Toast Crunch now has a reduced sugar option...doubt I will be craving that, but hey, I might give it a try!

2. Car Rides

I love love love car rides, but I HATE driving, which is quite ironic because I tend to always offer to drive places. I have gotten to the point where we(usually meaning Ben) will be ready to go somewhere, I will offer to drive, and then by the time we get to the car...I just hand over the keys and say "I think you should drive." He is so good to oblige knowing that its not worth any sort of dispute. Along with short car rides, I love road trips. I think piling people in a car and heading to anywhere is so much fun. I think I like the talking and the obnoxious singing the most. It seems that you learn a lot more about people that you take road trips and camping with...which brings me to my next point.

3. Camping

This is my favorite summer activity. If you knew me pre-weight loss you would know that I would have nothing to do with this sort of dirty activity that required sleeping on the ground and even considering the thought of not showering within 24 hours since the last time you did so. Now I kind of find it liberating and have been known to try and convince anyone and everyone to go camping. Last year I spent a good portion of my paycheck on camping equipment including a new tent and sleeping bag for backpacking purposes. I have a standing want to go, I'm there!

4. Secret Desires

I have always had the secret desire to become a model...(you can laugh, it's really okay.) I have spent endless amounts of hours in front of a mirror thinking of how I would look in front of the camera. Again...pre-weight, I was always stressed about how I looked, but I still had this passion to have people want to take my picture...maybe that's why I want to be a photographer so badly, I will find the undiscovered beauty :)

Also...I was pretty sure throughout my childhood and early adolescence that I had the talent to be a professional singer. Do not ask how I came upon this impression, but I was quite convinced of it. There are numerous home videos of me singing from the Disney movie soundtracks...let's hope those never see the light of day again.

5. Bed Bugs

So, I don't watch that much television, but for some reason I was watching Oprah one day and there was a lady who was basically chronically ill and she never knew why. Come to find out she had had the same pillow for the last 20 years and only washed her sheets once a month. That show terrified me and ever since then I circulate through pillows like you would not believe and feel that I must wash my sheets, alot...even when it takes me a week to put them back on my bed.

6. Toothbrush

I always have a toothbrush with me, whether I am in the car, in one of the two bathrooms, my bedroom, in high school I had one in my locker. I have toothbrushes EVERYWHERE. I used to have a small obsession with just always brushing my teeth...don't know how that really came about, but it was a struggle nonetheless. I continue to always have a toothbrush with me, but will brush at necessary times and not constantly have one in my mouth.

After reading over this I think that I just revealed a little too much about myself, but enjoy!
And I'm not very good about tagging anyone so if you want to do it, please do! And let me know so I can read about it :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jeremy Horn Fight Night

On Saturday night Ben and I went to Jeremy Horn's Elite Fight Night to support some of the guys that Ben "fights" with in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. Ben actually knew a few people fighting including the head liner. It may seem alittle odd that a girl like myself is into the ultimate fighting, but I must say that it is one of the most entertaining things to watch.

There were quite a few upsets but I think the highlight of my evening was when one of the guys got knocked out. One swift kick to the side of the jaw and the guy falls flat on his back (and hits the cage on the way down, not so good), but his eyes go cross-eyed and he is out. I was pretty much freaking out.

Next best part....submission through triangle choke hold. The fact that I knew what this was is crazy enough, but I even know how to attempt this move....not very quickly or effectively mind you, but I can do it. The guy next to me thought I was so crazy because I knew all of these fighting terms and would get excited when the fighter would get close to winning.

I thought it was a great night and hope one day we can actually go to a real UFC great would that be!?!


Alright so I have been pretty much the biggest slacker at writing on my blog since the half marathon...and when I think about it, a lot has gone on since then. So, this is my attempt to catch up.

Since the Salt Lake Half Marathon I have done two more races. I somehow talked Megan into running the Alta Club 5K with Rebekah and I because it was a pretty low key race and a great one to have as your first 5k. The Alta Club 5k has been around for 3 years and my sister has run it every year, and though she is convinced that I have run it as well, this was truly my first year.

Anyways, the morning of the race we all head to the little table to get our numbers only to find out we aren't on the list even though we had already paid. Have no fear the girl remembered us and we were just put on the list and given a number. The next few minutes we bounce around because it is freezing! I have told Megan that I would run with her because this race isn't that big of a deal and I'm not looking to win or anything. Well...I am the worst friend ever because my competitive instinct kicked in as soon as I heard the girl scream "GO!". I put my headphones in, see a guy from work that I am determined to beat, and I am gone before Megan can even press play on her ipod. Hopefully she has forgiven my selfishness by now. I digress. The race heads up city creek canyon and then comes back down, which gives some great incentive to go faster because gravity is working in your favor, and I hit the finish line in about 23 minutes. Not too bad, a little less than an 8 minute mile, but the best part is I won my age division! Besides the medal that everyone gets for the half marathon (by the way, that medal means more to me than it probably should), I got a gold medal for winning my age division. I was so excited only this stupid thing, but it was the real 1st place medal I think I've ever received. I've had swimming ribbons, but the girl that couldn't even run a mile just won a race...I enjoyed it :)

The other race that I chose to take part in was the Race for the Cure. Originally Beck wasn't going to run it because she had planned to be out of town. So again, I drag Megan to take part in the race with me. This time Ben decided to wait at the finish line for us...what a good guy. Anyways, there were SO many people there that the thought of trying to run through the 16,000 "runners" was pretty much ridiculous, but if you know me at all, I will do my best to run anyway. After passing the stroller walkers, then the walkers, then the run walkers, and finally getting to some people that were actually running, we could breathe a little. Don't worry in this race I actually stayed with Megan and we finished together. As we cross the finish line, there is Ben, all bundled up in two sweatshirts waiting for us to finish so he could leave. After we send Ben on his way, Megan and I start to look for Beck and Noelle who started out as one of those "stroller walkers", but ditched that idea when the walkers were a little too slow for their speediness. Here are a few pictures of us from the race. Don't mind Noelle's face...she was eating fruit snacks and getting her picture taken was the last thing on her mind.