Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Weddings...and Fall Semester

It seems as though when you turn 21 all of your friends start to get married, or drop like flies (reference made in last blog's title). Sometimes I just look at the pictures and keep thinking that they are playing house or something because we are all too young to get married, which I'm sure many would agree. Regardless of what people think, these girls still got married and her are some pictures from Brianna and Chelsey's wedding even though the pictures from Chelsey's wedding don't even include her, but they are cute of Ben and I. You can see them all on my picture page, but here are some.

This is at Brianna's reception at Aspen Landing (I think thats what it is called) on March 16, 2007. (left to right, Marie, Amber, Brianna, Me)

This picture to the left is Ben and I at Chelsey Giles' wedding on Friday. It was fun to see some people from high school, but mostly people that used to be in the ward. Ben was so good, he just sat there and let me chat for like an hour and a half....probably because he was pre-occupied with the food.

Fall Semester seems to have meshed with summer semester because I don't feel that I got any sort of a break inbetween the two of them. Fall is going to be a lot more scheduled and rigid than summer was, which will get old quick, but I am excited for my classes. This semester I start my classes for my major and even fit in a class with Ben.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dropping like flies...

Last week I had the pleasure of throwing a bridal shower for Chelsey Giles, whom I have known for like 15 years (okay so Mom really did everything and I can only take credit for buying part of the gift and some of the food). Anyway, I have a few pictures from it that I thought I would share.
This one, to the left, is obviously Emma and me, but I put this up partly to show that her and I don't really look that much alike and simply because I think it is a good picture of the two of us.

The next one is a picture of Angela Jones, Chelsey, Mary Lynn and I. We all grew up together and this was basically our young womens (Tabitha is missing from the picture) and so it was fun to get together again.

Also last week I went to the Fray concert with Stacey Grow and saw pretty much half of my graduating class and various others from my life...few of which had any idea who the heck I was. It was quite entertaining because I could avoid them and not feel bad because they would have no idea. I saw some people that I hungout with in middle school, namely Chase Jardine who lost a whole person on his mission. The only reason I even recognized him was the fiery red hair. I couldn't get over all night.