Monday, October 27, 2008

Life of the Unemployed...

So, this is the first full week of me, unemployed. Now that we're past the initial shock, let me update you on how life has been since black Wednesday at Wasatch.

Since I have been given this opportunity to kind of start over I have been re-evaluating all aspects of my life and trying to see if I can pay attention to portions that I have been neglecting. After some introspective thoughts about my life I realized how much work was my life. I was constantly on email, I talked about work in pretty much every conversation, and I felt like I was never doing enough for work. Now that it is all gone, I feel like this HUGE burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I don't have to worry about if the boss is going to come in with another project that will push back the things on my to-do list or worry that I can't seem to ever make the others in the department happy...was it ever good enough? Now it doesn't matter. Okay, enough of that.

Now what?

I still wake up fairly early just so I don't feel like I am a true slacker. I study a lot more than I have in the last 2 years. I actually see my family and friends and I can work out as much as I want.

In the next couple of weeks I will get my booty in gear and get a new position that I can take right after I graduate (7 weeks!). I am looking into more accounting positions, maybe at the big 4 even though I really don't want to do public accounting. I am open to anything at this point. I can do whatever I want :)

Here are some funny pictures from the last week to show you all I'm still alive!

When you're unemployed stupid things make you cereal from your childhood.

Chase and I being awesome in our crazy outfits. The picture doesn't really show, but I am in running shorts and he has one of his pant legs rolled up. Good ol' Sunday afternoons.

Chad and I at Secca's halloween party. Chad chose to come as himself...maybe we'll convince him to dress up next year.
Apartment #4- Lilliam, Amber, Me and Taylor. Woohoo.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunny Seattle!

Can I just say that I have always had this dream that Seattle was gorgeous and had little quirks that I knew I would love? ...well, it didn't let me down!

Annie and Lacy were so awesome to let me venture with them to Seattle for a nice girls weekend in which it did not rain ONE time while we were there...even though it was snowing at home. Our primary purpose was to see Weezer, but none of us had been to Seattle and therefore, it was even more fun to go exploring for the day.
After taking forever and a day trying to park (bless Annie for taking on the driver roll), we finally raced to make the 9am tour. To our minor disappointment we couldn't find the tour so we made up our own and tried to find the donuts. We succeeded. A dozen mini assorted donuts later, we were a few satisfied girls and we continued to browse.I have always been a HUGE fan of farmers markets, boutiques etc. and therefore, this place was heaven! If I were to live in Seattle, I would be at the market constantly...or at least twice a week to buy the most gorgeous flowers for the cheapest price. The picture below is of flowers that were only $5 for each bouqet. Men in Seattle have no excuse to not buy their significant others flowers, they just don't.

There were so many different stores and stands with everything from flowers to fish to dried fruit and of course jewelry (I enjoy how much Lacy enjoys jewelry). We even came across a pasta stand that sold Dark Chocolate Linguine, sounds kind of random I know, but I was so intrigued, I bought some. I'll let you know how good it was :)

Once we had our fill of the market (okay, I didn't really have my fill, but we were pressed for time), we headed to the Space Needle for a delicious lunch.

Annie and I in front of the Space Needle.

The Sky City Restaurant offered us a nice 360 degree view of Seattle every 47 minutes along with a three course brunch that was enough to feed a small army!

Too. Much. Food.

With lunch to hold us over until the middle of next week, we were ready for a little R&R before we jaunt to the H&M. We took a small nap and then were set to hit the crowds at our favorite shopping spot. None of us left H&M without a few choice items of apparel that we were excited about.
On to the main event: Weezer! Yes...yes, I know. I saw Weezer earlier in the week in Salt Lake, but the Davis crowd have been big Weezer fans for years and who was I to back out on an offer to see a great show? We had even better seats (row 6) than in Salt Lake...always a plus.

So bascially, this trip was a success! I can't wait to go back to Seattle and the market...when that will be, I have no idea, but I will be back!
*The rest of the pictures are on the photo page :)