Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mockingjay...1980s Blinds...Utah Football

So, the three of you that keep up with my blog know that I have been working on projects to keep busy while Mr. Army is M.I.A. Well, I can mark a few more things off of my list.

First: Mockingjay

Did you start reading The Hunger Games trilogy like I suggested? Well, if you haven't, I have all three and I'll let you borrow them because I have finished the third and final in the series. A lot of people were disappointed, but I had my closure and I still think the series was fantastic. I read each book in about two days, it was that good. My house still hasn't recovered from the messes I neglected to attend to while being so immersed in the books. Oh well, totally worth it!

Second: Utah Football Season Opener (Utah vs. Pitt)

I've been waiting 9 months for football to return into my life, and thanks to Mr. Army "attempting" to take classes, we were able to be in the MUSS again. Thanks to deployment, Emily gets to share 5 out of 6 home games with me. Poor Mr. Army, can't even enjoy the fruits of his labor to get the tickets.

In case you weren't sure, we won! 27-24 OT

Em and me enjoying the view from Row 22.
 View of the South end zone. 
 This picture makes me laugh, I guess he wanted to play too.
 Crazy lady! One of my favorite parts of home games.
Wynn working his magic in OT
 We WIN!

 Third: Bye Bye 1980s Blinds

Remember those ugly 1980s blinds in my living room that were bringing down the cuteness of my kitchen/living room? The ones that I have waited for either Mr. Army, or someone other man that could use a drill to help me remove and put up curtains instead? Well today...they were put in the dumpster.

Last night I was thinking of what my project for the weekend should be, and the blinds kept coming to mind. I have been putting it off because I "needed" someone to help me remove the blinds and put up the curtain rod. I don't really like asking for help, so I throw the idea around casually, hoping someone will say "Hey Kate, I'm going to come to your house tomorrow morning and help you." Ha, right... 

Anyways, this morning after the gym, I made a trip to the Target for the curtain rod, and got to work on removing the blinds. When I started, my thought process went like this "Okay, I'll get as far as I can and then I'll call John and beg for help when I can't continue alone, and I no longer have any window coverings." Thankfully, I must have listened when Mr. Army taught me how to use my drill because I was able to make it through the whole project solo! Though, I will not lie, putting up the rod wasn't as easy as I was hoping. I can put a screw into the wall, but it is those stupid little screw covering things that protect the dry wall gave me trouble. (don't you love how I don't even know what they are called? I'm so mechanically minded, not.)
  A picture since I don't even know what they are called.
BEFORE: advice-when the blinds are older than you, it's time to update.
 AFTER: the curtains are actually from when I lived in one of my apartments, and they match the wall PERFECTLY!
That is about as exciting as I get for now...but stay tuned, I'm sure I will get bored and try something else :)