Saturday, April 19, 2008

Half Marathon...who knew?

Read more about our fun race on Mrs. G's blog
While having an introspective moment about my life thus far, I think about a lot things to describe me as a person...a runner was never one of them.
It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I could even run a mile without being ready to pass out by the end. Obviously my weight was a factor in my discouraging running patterns, but I was bound and determined to be able to run a race. I don't know if I have ever really publicly discussed this, but I always had a dream of running the Deseret News 10K because I remember seeing my sister Rachel's pictures and number bibs from her races. Who knew I wanted to be like my sissy. Anyways, I worked towards perfecting my endurance levels to the point of being able to run that 10k, and last summer I did it!

After that race I felt so liberated that I thought that I should progress even further. Instantly I started training for the Salt Lake Half Marathon. I printed out the map of the route and started to prepare...I spent all winter running 7-15 miles on a tredmill (ya know, I have to say that is quite the dedication because tredmills are so terribly boring!) After Christmas when Beck signed up for the race I knew that I had to really do it. I was excited that her and Vic were going to run it as well because I really don't like going alone...Thanks for doing it with me, I love you guys!

The last couple of weeks were a real struggle for me to train for some personal reasons so I was really nervous to run the race today. I wanted a good time because the last couple of races I have done, I have smashed some personal records. As for today, I did not break a personal record in this distance, but given the wind and my slacking the last couple of weeks, I am quite pleased with my performance. I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes. My real goal was to finish in less than 2 hours...and I did it (even by the skin of my teeth)!!

Race Day: I had to meet Beck and Vic at the trax platform at 5:25am, though the race did not start until 7. We load the trax and head up to the Legacy Bridge aka the starting line. We spend the next hour huddling because the wind is FREEZING! Finally it is time for the 6,000 marathon and half marathoners to start the run. I found a friend from high school and tried to keep her pace and did fairly well until mile 3. I should have realized that she is like 6 feet tall and therefore her legs can cover a lot more distance than I can. I was so excited to see my family at mile 4 cheering me on, even with a sign! That gave me a high for the next mile. I was doing really well until about mile 11 when I started to get cramps and the wind was so strong in my face that I didn't feel like I was moving at all...what a joy. I just kept telling myself that I could do this and it was almost over. The finish line was the best thing I had seen all day! And even though I seemed a little dazed and confused I was thrilled to see Jordan and Megan waiting for me at the finish. They are so awesome to come for me, thanks guys!!!

In the end, who would have thought 2 years ago that I would be able to run a half marathon and now even considering a marathon...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Song of the day: Stronger Woman by Jewel...great song, check it out!

Disclaimer: This blog entry is not intended to have any sort of TMI. Please forgive me if it ends up this way.

Alright, so I am not a big advocate of the doctor. I tend to neglect taking any medicine unless in dire situations, I avoid the doctor at all costs because the pain "just isn't that bad". Anyways, my mother suggested that I go to the doctor for a physical and to express some "concerns". I reluctantly comply and decide that she is probably right since the only time I have seen a doctor in the last 3 years or so was the booty incident (which for those of you that don't know, this was from a snowboarding accident where we thought I could have broken my tailbone). Anyways, so I had planned on making someone come with me to the doctor and at least sit outside to somehow bring me some comfort. This didn't end up happening and I was bound and determined not to freak out over the ordeal. So I go to check in and don't worry the guy checking me in, the one that can see all of my information, is a friend of a friend...thus not someone that you're close enough with that you don't care, but you know him enough to make you little bit uneasy. This is my first exposure of the afternoon.

After filling out the ridiculously long set of papers of how much I don't smoke and what kind of diet I prefer, I finally was checked in to see the doctor...oh how I dread moments like that. Alas, the doctors assistant beckons me to follow her to the office. She proceeds to ask about my life as an accountant where I tell her I really want to be a photographer. She gets excited about this and asks if I would ever be willing to practice by taking pictures of her and her daughter. I was really excited that she would even think to ask me, but accepted and hope that if it pans out I don't mess up because I really have only taken pictures for family...this is my second exposure of the day, life as a photographer, one step at a time.

Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come and I know it. The doctor comes in and I try to relax as he asks me every question humanly possible about me and my health, life etc. He gave me some great advice on running shoes and how to enhance my performance which is always appreciated. Then he hands me a sheet, a gown and says, I'll be back. We all know what happens after that...the longest three minutes of my life counting the dots on the ceiling. The 3rd and biggest exposure of the afternoon...way to make a first impression.

Does anyone else thinks it is completely awkward having to talk to the doctor after that? I did...I'm sure he noticed me dodging eye contact and fidgeting...oh well every girl goes through it, yes?

After I left I felt quite accomplished and independent for forcing myself to go through that, alone. I feel that I am capable of handling a lot of things on my own, the doctor was not one of the things on that list...
The last few days I have been told that I seem extremely mature for my age. Along with exemplifying my independence, noticeable to those that don't even know me. I found these comments to be intriguing and complimentary. I think that being independent and mature is a good thing, but in a way I felt this underlining tone in each voice that thought otherwise. Over the last couple of years I have grown up more than I had ever imagined and felt that I am just taking the course of action necessary to progress to make me the perfect girl...far from it I know, but it doesn't hurt to try. I guess my independence has been a little intimidating to some, but I think that without some independence you aren't going to get exposed to some things that are necessary...and that's my story, pointless ramblings, but hopefully somewhat entertaining.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If bad luck comes in threes, I'm in trouble...

So...once again most of you are aware of the fun things I've been dealing with the last couple of days. Does anyone else seem to be getting a slight case of deju vu? I am. Anyways, besides the joyous reunion to the single world I woke up to a nice case of food poisoning today. Some may believe that my first case of bad luck caused the second, but I beg to differ. I will no longer be enjoying any food from the Cowboy Grub...even though it may not have caused it, my mind has associated it with that. Sad story, I really enjoyed their cornbread. Let's just hope that for me, the bad luck was just in a pair, three's a crowd anyway, right?

-In better news, I got my heart rate monitor in the mail yesterday! I am so excited to see how well it works. It is a Polar A5...not that I know truly what that means, but we'll see how it is.

-Also, I got out of taking a test that I didn't study for...maybe food poisoning isn't that bad...yes, yes it is!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Body Combat!

So I've had a lot of people ask what body combat is and thus thought I would just post what it is so everyone knows :)

Body combat is basically a fitness routine that is martial arts based. It is kind of like kick boxing. Its actually becoming really popular (it is most popular in Australia ironically) but it is a combination of moves from karate, Muay Thai, Tae Kwan Do, Tai Chi, etc. It is a great way to get your heart rate up and keeps you moving to burn some calories. Great way to relieve some tension and stress...lots of kicking and punching at those frustrations - all non combat though just in case you weren't sure.

I go to a class every Tuesday and Thursday night at a little studio, but they are taught at eXcel and other places, I'm sure. If anyone would like to join me sometime let me know!