Sunday, February 28, 2010

Homemade Sushi!

Mr. Army has been talking about making sushi at home for quite some time and so yesterday, I decided it was time for us to actually do it, instead of constantly talking about it. Mr. Army is such a great cook (not that you have to cook anything besides the rice) and therefore, our first time homemade sushi was delightful!

Mr. Army and all the stuff...ready to go!

California Roll fixins. So good!

Putting it all together...

Sushi Burrito.

It made a lot more sushi than we anticipated.

The final steps...

Yummy finished product!

I let Mr. Army make sushi and to keep myself busy, I made whole wheat (no oil or refined sugar) banana bread. SO GOOD :)

Well, that was our Saturday night. And if anyone wants to come to a sushi party, we are willing to host!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knock Knock...

Knock Knock...
Who's there?
Blogger Failure
Blogger Failure who?

I am a horrible blogger, but here are some updates.


So, I have been in my condo for three months now and I am working to make it decorated to the ultimate "kati standard". This is difficult because first, decorating becomes expensive sometimes, and second, I am so picky.

Recently, I saw an Ikea commercial with a couple in their bedroom, which looked oddly close to my bedroom. Well, that was because the bed, dresser and picture above the bed were the exact same as mine. In Ikea's defense, I did buy these items at their store, but having my room just like a store floor display was a little much.

Therefore, I decided to move the picture that resided above my bed, to the living room, since I have struggled trying to find the perfect picture for the living room.  
I think the picture looks pretty good above the couch. It completes the living room, finally. Unfortunately, now I don't have anything above my bed. It is blah, boring, blank and so dang ugly! The previous owners had some pictures above their bed, and now I have holes to cover, which will be fine, but I need some new art.  Anyone have any art ideas for me?
Maybe I can find another Ikea picture :)

This is where my new TV is going to go:

Sadly, this picture will stay there until I get my tax return. Please hurry IRS!

Babysitting JW = Photos!

I had the opportunity to watch this little guy while his mom went shopping and he is such a good baby! As you can tell from these pictures, he thinks his auntie is a little crazy...oh well, I love him!

Mr. Army's 27th Birthday

Mr. Army turned 27 on January 7th, and since it was the SEC championship football game, we decided to do Outback take-out and I made some chocolate cake.

In lieu of his are 27 things I love about Mr. Army:

I love the way you smile.

I love your skepticism about anything anyone tells you.

I love that you have this rough exterior, which to some is so intimidating, but you are truly gentle and protective.

I love how you know everything, or at least something about everything.

I love your stubbornness, and how you try to pretend not to be stubborn.

I love how excited you get when something turns out as you had hoped.

I love your calculated effort. You may take a while to make a decision, but it doesn’t mean you have stopped thinking about it. You weigh every pro and con possible to ensure you are making the right decision.

I love when you dance, especially when you dance, for me, for a solid 2 minutes, before I turn around to see.

I love your creativity. You can make anything yourself and come up with the most logical way of doing so, with the most unlikely materials.

I love when you greet me: “Hi Beautiful”.

I love your sense of humor. You are constant entertainment. You make me laugh daily; I seriously can’t get enough.

I love your calm demeanor. Even when you’re stressed, you are extremely calmer than I am on a normal day. You give me balance.

I love your support. You push me to do the things I love and the things I don’t love, but need. You even let me cry when you don't understand why I need to.

I love how unconventional you are. You strive to be your own person and not follow the trend.

I love the way you look in a uniform.

I love that you wear BCGs, all the time. Seriously, I think they're cute.

I love when you tease me, and then get offended when I tease you.

I love your cooking skills. You can make up a recipe and it always turns out awesome.

I love your talkative days. I could listen to you for hours. You always have something interesting to say.

I love how you're such a great teacher. You teach me new things continually, and are so gracious when I sound like a fool (usually :)

I love that you are a listener. Even though sometimes I don't think you're listening, you never cease to amaze me when you mention something that I would have never imagined you would remember.

I love your adventurous side. You aren't scared to try anything; you make me a little more daring.

I love that you're a little bit of a nerd. The National Geographic, and History channel...need I say more?

I love how hard you work for the things you want. You really do live with your desired end in mind. Sometimes I think you surprise yourself with how well it works to do so.

I love your sweetness to your baby brother and sister. You would do anything for them, and it shows.

I love that you will hang out with my family, and you like it. They are a little intense and slightly crazy, but you handle it so well.

I love you, and me, together.