Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Best Friend

My new best friend is good for me. He helps me be a better runner, makes me cry sometimes because he beats me up and he is always there for me. What more could I need?

The Foam Roller is amazing! How was I an avid runner for five years and never own one of these?! After long runs I get the worst hip and IT band soreness. This works like a charm to make sure my legs are properly stretched and ready for the next run. Also, you can do different exercises with it. Multi-faceted and fabulous.

If you're a runner and don't have one. I highly suggest you look into it. For $15, it could save your life. Okay, maybe not your life, but at least your legs :)

I even taught Jackson (18 months) how to use it. He really just enjoys rolling over it until he face plants, but he can't get enough. Bek, next time I'll get a picture. You'll crack up.

Revenge of the Maple Bacon

I think I am addicted to racing. Last Saturday was the Fight For Air Run/Walk. As you are aware, I wait until the last second to sign up for races. On this one, I had multiple opportunities to "win" a spot in the race. However, since I am not baby sister who wins everything under the freaking sun, I waited and waited until it was too late to sign up.

So, the next best thing, run it with Lisa who could always use a pacer! Okay, I may have invited myself to be her pacer, but she is so good to me and conceded to let me drag her through the race.

The course started at the Park & Ride on about 6200 South and Wasatch Blvd. It was super cold and uphill. Oh boy, two of my very favorite things. Lisa rocks uphill running, she just does. I, on the other hand, would rather poke my own eyeballs out. We make our way up Wasatch Blvd to about 45th (?) and proceed to weave through Holladay. Eventually, we meet up with the 10K runners back on Wasatch Blvd. This is where we find Jessica and cute Olivia. This is Jessica's first race and she is a rockstar by pushing a stroller through these less than desirable conditions. I offer to take a Olivia for a mile or two, so Jessica can enjoy some running with just herself and not that additional 40 pounds. Wow, you never realize how amazing running mothers are, until you run uphill with a stroller. Thank you Olivia for giving me some perspective and a good workout for my calves!! :)

After giving Liv back to her momma (a cop totally thought I had stolen her...because that wouldn't be obvious?), Lisa and I made it down 27th South to 17th East and headed into Sugarhouse Park. By this point, my stomach has started to do that "Uh oh, you better find a bathroom" churn. My mind starts racing because I couldn't think of why I would have to use the restroom before the race was over (Background: I never go to the restroom during a race. Always before and that is usually good enough). Lo and behold, the fat girl inside of me could not pass up the opportunity to eat a maple bacon donut, the day before. It was National Donut Day, that was an excuse enough for me! Anyways, that maple bacon donut was started to have revenge on my stomach and little did I know, we still had about 3 miles left.

I swear there is a standard direction of running around Sugarhouse Park and we went backwards, which was okay because we could see the finish line on the other side of the park and booked it to make it there. Well, the joke was on us because we had to run the park twice before crossing the finish line. Lisa cursed the whole second lap and I felt like I was waddling so I didn't poop my pants. Needless to say, after crossing the finish line at 2:15, and running 13.7 miles, we were ready to go home!

Lisa, Me, Liv and Jessica

  • For the record, I still LOVE donuts. Try Beyond Glaze, you won't be disappointed.