Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can't Get Enough...

You know it is one of those days when:

-It's 5am, you have everything ready to go and can't find your heart rate monitor. So, you spend 15 minutes going back and forth from your bedroom to the car and end up finding it at your feet next to the car door.

-You lose a button on your favorite sweater.

-You shower at the gym just in time to head to work, then you realize you forgot a bra. It is amazing what an unused running tank and a scarf can cover up.

-You have every person in your 5 meetings jumping down your throat until they realize the numbers they are looking at are exactly what they should be.

-Your roommate spends the whole night drinking and you can hear her laughing while you are in your room in the basement.

-You drink 3/4 of a Sobe before you realize it isn't the lean kind and you have consumed 200 more calories than needed or wanted.

-Your socks don't match.

-You find out that you can only borrow half as much as you thought originally.

-The house you love is in "Sugarhood"

-You hear at least three times in an hour and a half "You don't live here, why are you here? Are you really moving back?"

-And it is has been four days since you have seen sanity.

Oh, how I can't get enough of these days. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My 25 Things...Plus One!

This is my Facebook 25 things about me tag, but I added another item because...quite frankly, my #26 is a frustration at the moment. It is a struggle for me :)


1. I love cereal. I could consume all of my daily calories in cereal. I prefer to eat cereal with Light Soy Chocolate Milk.

2. Speaking of cereal, when I go grocery shopping, it is mandatory to have a cup of cereal as soon as I get home. When I buy bread, I must eat the end piece. I do this before I even put the groceries away, even if I'm not hungry...I don't know why, I just do.

3. I spend 85% of my time worrying about food and working out. Thoughts like “have I eaten too much? Have I eaten enough? Am I eating junk? Have I worked out today? Did I burn enough calories? Should I go again?”. I spend the other 15% of my time worrying about other people. Conclusion...I worry a lot.

4. Running is my life saver. If I have had a bad day, no matter what happened, I can go for a long run and when I'm done, everything seems so much better.

5. I hate my apartment, it is a money pit and I try to avoid it at all costs. I want a house more than anything.

6. I always have an agenda; if I tell you I don't...I'm lying. I make lists, I have ideas, and I have a plan for the way I think things should go. I am always thinking of something new I'd like to accomplish. I'd like to think it makes me prepared, or maybe just paranoid.

7. I love to cook, but I hate making food just for myself. I could cook all day long if I knew someone would eat it, but I really struggle coming home from work and making myself dinner.

8. I have thick skin. It takes a lot to really bother me, but when something does...I'm really down for the count. Unfortunately for the people that offend me, I have a hard time trusting them again. I'm trying to work on it.

9. One of my life goals is to get married and be a mom, even though sometimes I will tell you otherwise.

10. I am not a fan of the doctor or medication. I would rather tough it out then actually have to go sit in a waiting room, pay a co-pay and then a bill, just so the doctor can tell me I can't do something or that I'm sick. Which brings to my next point, I'm stubborn.

11. I try so hard to please everyone, to the point it ends up making me unhappy. It is a vicious cycle.

12. I just took a concealed weapons permit class. I want a revolver… for my own safety and maybe just so I can have a revolver.

13. I love UFC fighting. I would love to go to Vegas to see a UFC fight night in person. It may make me sounds a little guy-ish especially considering my #12, but I still love it.

14. I have a degree in Accounting, but have ALWAYS thought of it as my back-up plan. I hope to own my photography studio.

15. I am a little OCD when it comes to dirty dishes, I can’t stand them. It has even gotten to the point where I do other people’s dishes…at their house. Yikes.

16. As I get older, I’m convinced animals hate me. This is probably why I am reluctant to get any sort of pet. I tell people my children will be able to have goldfish.

17. I have always wanted to learn how to play the violin. My parents decided to surprise me with a violin for Christmas; now I have to find a good teacher.

18. When I hear a song I like on the radio, I have to find out who sings it and what it is called. I tend to ask everyone I am riding with the names of songs and then I get so confused/frustrated when they know ALL the words and not the title to the song.

19. I’m a tight wad. I try to deny it, but it is true. My favorite thing is to see how much I can save on my groceries. I use coupons, and that makes me happy, even when I only save .35 cents. I tell you, it adds up!

20. I have seven siblings, where I reside pretty much in the middle. I am my dad’s favorite. I don’t say this boastfully. We all know it’s true and we just accept it.

21. I hate grilled cheese sandwiches more than pretty much any other food. It has to have ham with it, made in a sandwich maker or I just won’t eat it. The smell of them cooking makes me gag, and ironically it is one of the family favorites. Guaranteed I ate cereal on those nights.

22. Growing up I wanted to be famous. I thought that being a model or actress was right up my alley except I forgot that I didn’t know how to act and I sure as heck didn’t weigh 90 pounds.

23. I love birthdays and celebrating birthdays. Therefore, I remember birthdays. If I find out your birthday at some point, I will remember it. Half the time I feel stupid calling people on their birthday because they had no idea I even knew it was their birthday. Oh well…I remember :)

24. I live for Fall, specifically football. From September to pretty much January you will find me going to every Utah Football game, and watching as much NFL as I can. The hoodie weather and excitement is almost too much to contain.

25. I want to be in an Iron Man triathlon. I watched a show that followed all of these people that were doing the Iron Man and they are all so different, but have this one common goal, to finish. One guy in particular said that he would never give up unless for medical reasons, so when his legs gave out on mile 6 of the marathon, he walked. Now that is dedication. I will do it.

26. I cannot be trusted with electronics. I have been through several ipods, and you would be AMAZED at how many pairs of head phones I go through. I have to have a back up pair on hand just in case they get destroyed on the way to the gym or at the gym. Sad, isn't it?

Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Famous...Well, Sort of...

My personal trainer has a website and I think you should check it out because a) she is a great trainer and if you need one, she is awesome and b) I am on the website!