Sunday, August 30, 2009

i love family.

Though we may be weird and all very different from each other...I couldn't live without them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Closing In...

Summer is coming to a close...BUT

Football starts in less than 2 weeks and this crazy guy comes home in 33 days! I love fall.

Fort Leonard Wood

I sent Mr. Army out for his 14 week adventure thinking that would be just that...14 weeks. Well, as we were closing in on week 8 he told me that his AIT graduation was September 25th. Hmm...that is 17 weeks, not 14. Yes, it's true. The army lied to me.

After getting over the initial shock of not having things go as planned (you would like I would have learned by now that they never do), we decided that I would make a visit during week 10 while Mr. Army had some time off in between Basic and AIT.
I headed out on the 6th not really knowing what to expect, but I was too excited to think about anything, but making it to the base. After what seemed like 2 days, I made it to Fort Leonard Wood just in time for him to get an "on post" pass for the day. Since it was on post, we had to stay on base and he had to keep in close distances to his "battle buddies". I met some of his company and took a tour of the base.
Over the course of the next two days, we tried to pack in as many "normal" things to do as possible. We went out to eat, shopping, movie, and driving...alot. Oh, and don't forget the junk food. I wish I had a picture of Mr. Army taking a bite out of each one of the dozen assorted donuts he was "really really craving".
All in all, by the time I made it home the following Monday, I had flown 2,300 miles, driven 1,000, missed a flight and much needed sleep, BUT I'd do it again tomorrow.
I was a little bit stressed when it was time for me to leave and therefore the background of the picture isn't so great, but he still looks good! He's so official :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

E + J = L 4EVER

Though this is nearly a month late, I thought I would acknowledge the marriage of my baby sister E to the lovely Mr. Lawrence.

July 27, 2009

Happy as a clam...

The Roos children. We are a good lookin' group of rejects :)One big happy family.Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I was told I wasn't being a very good maid of honor because I wasn't following E around constantly. So, here I am, being a crutch.A few of the bridesmaids at the reception. The dresses turned out better than expected.

The polka dot wedding cake and Nascar groom's cake. Just fyi, he has decided to freeze the groom's cake and not let anyone touch it.
The first dance. My job was to load the wedding approved song list to my ipod. I downloaded the song they were supposed to dance to for their first dance, but neglected to actually put it on my ipod. We didn't realize this until about 3 minutes before the first dance. I calmly pulled E aside and said "Don't freak out...we don't have the first dance song. Any others that can be a replacement?" Thankfully she was awesome about it. I felt terrible.
The darling Noelle, displaying exactly how we all felt by the time the reception ended.

As always, more pictures are found in the photo gallery