Sunday, April 25, 2010

MS Walk!

Two of my sisters, and I walked for MS on Saturday (yesterday) for a guy that one sister currently works with, while the other sister and I used to work with. Anyways, he was diagnosed with MS recently, and we wanted to raise money, and support him in this. Therefore...we walked:
 Emma, Me, Beck, JW
 John even came along for the walk.

And then a lot of JW, because we love him so much! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Condo Updates

Since I haven't posted much about my condo recently, I thought I would post some pictures about the improvements I've made over the last two or so months.

First, I have found that I am a little obsessed with having door "ornaments" and changing these said ornaments for each holiday. Thankfully, I found one I love that can stick around for a while. My dad is an extremely patriotic person, and I think he passed that on to me. Also, considering I have a boyfriend in the military, I found this star to be quite fitting. Cute huh?

Next, remember how I changed the picture over my bed to the living room because of that stupid Ikea commercial? Well, Mr. Army convinced me the picture looked better above the bed, and so...I changed it back. This is how it all worked out. I'm pleased with the results.

I've had a lot of compliments on the coloring of my living room. One of the neighbors even said "You must be a U fan..."

I changed the sheets as well. You wouldn't think 600 thread count would really be that big of a is.

 The tan blanket at the base of the bed is a little lame, I'm working on finding a fun colored one to replace it.

Also, I FINALLY got my new TV. Thank you Samsung 8,000 Series LED. But, I refuse to take a picture of it on the wall (where it replaced the cute flower picture) until Mr. Army puts the cords behind the wall. A little white trash, but we're slowing moving up in the world. As for where the TV used to be, and the place that still houses all of the electronics. Ta-da!

  I don't know what to do with that Rooster thing. I love it, but I don't know if I like what's in it. Any ideas on how to fix it?
Last, but not least, I've learned that I'm a little OCD. Okay, maybe you already knew that, considering I vacuum three times a week, and clean my granite counter tops daily (my new favorite cleaning product is Soft Scrub Total, amazing!) I digress. Well, I got bored one evening and decided to reorganize my movies. They are now alphabetical, and then sorted by type. And, of course the books and box collections had to offset each other for it to be aesthetically pleasing. Gotta love it :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

13.1 Done...Again!

Well, I survived! The very few people that follow my blog, know that I was not as prepared for the Salt Lake Half Marathon as I should have been. BUT, I ended up getting a personal record on this course and I couldn't be more excited. 1 hour 52 minutes. I can't complain with that.

I ran the first 10 miles in 80 minutes = 8 minute mile, for 10 MILES. I know a lot of runners (okay, maybe just Lacy) can run an 8 minute mile for such a long time, but I have never been able to do so. I wish I would have had Gu, or some sort of energy boost at mile 10 because mentally, I was set on 1:45, but my legs just couldn't do it. Oh well, next time...I'm serious, I am definitely working to do it next time.

Okay, you can see the pictures now. Enjoy.
 I was SO nervous. Still don't know why, but I was extremely prepared

 Did I mention, I was signed up as a 36 year old Male? Don't believe me? Check out that picture.
Pre-race Hotness

I find this picture to be kind of funny. Gotta love my Paradise Bakery cookie stash.

 She's my sister and she's a rockstar

Best friends for 20 years, crazy as ever

 She just had a baby 4 months ago, and she ran a half marathon. Amazing.
 Go Beck Go!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walking for Ren-Donate to the National MS Society

On Saturday April 24th, I'll be participating in the Walk for Multiple Sclerosis. My sister mentioned that a co-worker, that I  used to work with was just diagnosed with MS, and a team was being formed in his honor. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to support Ryan, and to spread the word about this walk.

We are trying to raise as much as we can for this great cause, and would LOVE your help!

Click here to donate to the National MS Society (once on the website, click on "Donate to Walking for Ren" above the thermometer).

Every dollar counts! The firm that Ryan works for will match your donation dollar for dollar, so nothing is insiginificant. And, the donation is tax deductible, which is always a nice plus!
To read more about Ryan's story and progress, go to his blog.

Thanks for your support in such a great cause!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Twice a year (Fall & Spring), approximately 35 restaurants, in downtown Salt Lake, participate in what is called the Dine-O-Round. Each restaurant has a special Dine-O-Round menu, usually including a few of their popular items, and a flat rate for lunch and/or dinner. This gives people the opportunity to try restaurants they have never been to before, or that are normally too expensive.

I'm so excited!! You should check it out: Dine-O-Round

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You've Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

Mr. Army's cute little sister had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and we got together to celebrate. Her meal request: Alice Springs Chicken. If you've ever had that at Outback steakhouse, you'll know how divine it me, the homemade version is almost better!

Miss J is always so sweet and makes birthday cakes for everyone else and therefore, I offered to make the cake because no one should have to make their own birthday cake. Cake request: Red Velvet. (I'm starting to become an expert).

Mr. Army and I gave her some cute Downeast shirts and a fun little purse. Okay, let's be honest, I have each of those shirts I gave her...I'm in love with that place.

 I made the cake, but gave her the pleasure of decorating :)

Think of a good wish!

Mom and brother thought they should help blow out the candles...

Happy 14th Miss J! We love ya!

See ya in two!

The baby of the Roos family left on his mission yesterday, T.H.E. mission. We'll all miss him. I don't think any of us realized how hard it would be to say "see ya later" (he doesn't do goodbyes).

 Love you baby brother!
Houston...please take care of him.