Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ragnar Relay - Wasatch Back

The Western ladies convinced me (last December-ish) that I should run the Ragnar Relay with them this June. With it being so far away, I paid my dues and didn't think much about it until May. Then, I finally checked out the maps and looked at what my 3 runs. 3.5 miles - Easy, 6.8 - Moderate, and 3.6 - Very Hard. Okay...totally do-able. Well, Ragnar decided to change the course in late May to accommodate all the teams. Therefore, my 2nd run changed from 6.8 - Moderate to 9.6 - Very Hard. I was a little worried about this. I don't struggle running 10 miles at all, but after running once and running in the middle of the night on "very hard" terrain, I doubted my capabilities. Regardless, I put on my shoes and prepared for one of the most fun and testing experiences.

June 19th and 20th - Logan to Park City:

Van 2 getting ready for our first set of runs.

Lisa and I matching...first time, but not the last.

It's true...we do love Jessica. She was the most patient driver!

My first run: 3.5 miles - 27 minutes - ridiculously hot. I had a wicked sunburn from that point forward.

Me, Lisa, Ashleigh before Lisa rocks her hilly run.

She ran all the up that hill...she is a rockstar!

Whitney, Ashleigh, Me, Spencer: waiting in the van, basically what we did for many hours.
This is our whole team at Snow Basin (minus Runner #1 - Katie), she was starting her 2nd run.Spencer and me being cool...what else?

After we ate at Snow Basin, we thought we had a couple of hours until we needed to run again and therefore, we headed to Morgan High to catch some shut eye. But who actually goes to bed at 8:30-9pm? Not any of us. We tried to sleep, but about 10:30 we got a phone call that it was time to get ready for our 2nd round of runs. Off we went.

Lisa and I: Matching again...though she knows how to actually wear her headlamp correctly. Whoops. I was so excited to see the van every time they stopped to give me water. Spencer was so nice to come out in the cold to give me support, even when I started to yelling to make Lisa get out of the car to take pictures.
This is me...somewhat delirious explaining that I really have to go to the bathroom and can't get my pants untied.
After an hour and 26 minutes and 9.6 miles of running, Kati, how do you feel? ...

"Kati, how do you REALLY feel?"

Do you love the burn line on my forehead? So awesome.

Ashleigh passing off to me for my last run.
At this point I just keep thinking "It could be worse. I could be in full army gear and combat boots. Life isn't so bad right now."
Finishing my run and passing off to Spencer.
Preparing and then conquering the Ragnar Hill aka Guardsman Pass.

We did it!! This is our whole team. I enjoy the second picture because the photographer says "Hey girl in the front, get your hand off the team number!"

I can't wait until next year, or even for Ragnar Las Vegas! This was an awesome experience and I recommend it to anyone who is up for a little challenge.

If you want to see more pictures, just head over to my photo page



Erika said...

Dang, girl you are FAST!!!!!!! Totally awesome.

Lisa Louise said...

See aren't you glad you came and did that race? :) Can't wait for next year!

Jessica said...

It was a blast! You rock Kati!