Monday, July 25, 2011

Ragnar Relay - Wasatch Back 2011

Am I really that crazy? I can't stay away from the Wasatch Back! This was year 3 and I think after year one AND two, I wasn't sure I would come back again. However, here I am blogging about year 3 and I'm already signed up for year 4. I think running has become an addiction and the Ragnar Relay keeps fueling that fire. I do love it though!

Somehow I was talked into being Runner 10. This runner does THE "Ragnar". I was Runner 9 my first year, so I did the first 3.6 miles of Guardsmans' Pass, but this year, I did the second half, 4 miles, and gained more elevation. However, now that I've done both, I think the first 3.6 miles is harder. Just sayin'

The first run was a quick 3.7 miles. It was sooo hot, but the firefighters were so nice to hose us down as we ran by. There was so much traffic because of construction that I actually beat my van to the finish line. This would not be the last time we were stuck in traffic and our runner had to wait for us.

Second run, 2am. Coldest and scariest run of my life! I was running on a trail that was intermittently lit with some random little lights. The water stations had been deserted by the volunteers and the only way I could tell if there was another runner was the red flashing butt lamp we have to wear. I thought I was running so fast, but it was one of the slowest 7 milers I've completed. I kept thinking "If someone were to kidnap me, no one would know." Terrifying.

Third run, THE RAGNAR. It went better than I anticipated. I booked it up that mountain as fast as I could. I think I did it in something like 50 minutes. Yeah, that sounds slow, but it was not easy.

Good news, I did not fall this year! That's always a good sign, right :)

Pictures are more exciting than my words, so here you go:
My Sissy's first Ragnar run ever! I think she is hooked!
 Spencer is the token male of our group and we couldn't imagine Ragnar without him.
 This viking is my new boyfriend. Doesn't he have a sweet booty?
 Rockin' the running skirt in some HOT Utah weather.
Cheeseball. Love her.
Sissy love at the first big exchange: Snow Basin
   Our team! (Minus runner 1: Katie)
 Van 2!
Shelly (8), Kati (10), Spencer (11), Ashleigh (7), Lisa (12), Reb (9)
 This picture cracks me up. Lisa had just finished showing Reb and me her flirting skills. She makes it look so effortless. Obviously, I slept through the whole thing. 
Van 2, Day 2. Showered and ready for run #3.
Our team after Van 1 finished
Reb was Van 2's cheerleader. Lisa was the mist-er(not to be confused with mister)
It was Sissy's first year doing Ragnar and we put her as Runner 9. Blame Lisa.
"Oh Sissy, I'm so glad to be done. Have fun going up the next four miles."
 Gaining 1,600 ft in elevation over 4 miles is a lot harder than it seems on paper.
 The more elevation I gained, the higher the snow pack
 Guardsman's Pass in June
So glad to be done!
 The Roos girls conquered the "Ragnar" mountain


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